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"Sex is Them" Poem (41715)


You remember that time…

The lights were dim,

the music setting moods of love,


eyes searching eyes for lust.

Mind not completely in the game, body's pump faking,

but got enough thrust to create friction in walls that I never let down before.

Moments building, close enough to feel your…. shhhhh.

Didn’t momma ever tell you it was taboo to enjoy the things that hurt you.

Hurts you that they hunt you.

Hunting season, ops I meant cuffing season- 

Re-guard-less I’m dead & gone to them.

Virginity a prize head on the wall.

So if I have the same bodies as him, I am less then.

Only "thotties" like sex.

But if he’s a boy, he’s 'that boy' to them boys.

So only 'thotties' like sex.

Females are frowned upon.

Apparently feminine lack of parts means loaded insecurities and ridicule names only categorized to soft bodies who like rough nights and strong qualities

in men.

But you can not try to be like man.

Because sexism still exist, and is so embedded in our skin that your liking to touching skins needs to correlate to the skin you’re in?

Isn’t it depressing?

That even if you have my heart, my affection, with every resurrection of this suppression, I’m unintentionally rejecting the effects of our connection.

Cause I’d know I’m just a part is his selection.

Fuck affection- correction..

you never kissed me the way you you were supposed to.

Affection was never taught to you, correctly.

Sex… was never the topic of discussion..


Sex is 'em.

Sex is them.

Sex is us.

Blurred lines, intertwined, dim light, quiet nights.

He has feelings this time.

Equality in the air. 

He has feelings this time.

I hold my breathe. Society says they should be gone by my release. 

Maybe I just release first, and walk away.

Roles reversed, she leave him.

Broken cycles always end, at the beginning. 

Sex… You remember that time? When sexism wasn’t a big deal & the people just loved to make love?

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