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Series Review: Las de la Ultimas Fila | The Girls At the Back | Netflix Series (Spanish)

The Girls in The Back

"Wow. Que maravillosa una letra tan llena, tan bonita, tan emocional. Fue en verdad algo que te hace reir, llorar, suber la cabeza con entendimiento, y bajar la con recuerdos de todo las cosas que queremos hacer que a de nunca los dios el tiempo, y el amor a dicir que, maybe, ahora, SI.


que belleza de verdad.

Wow, how beautiful... a script so full, so soft, so emotional. It was honestly something that makes you smile, cry, raise your head in understanding and lower your head in the memory of all the things in life you yourself have always wanted to try, but have yet to do. This show is the love that says, maybe, now in this moment in time, I will.


A vacation INTO your feelings is what this Netflix series, written and directed by Daniel Sánchez Arevalo, is giving. A "chick flick" of a series, told through the pov of 5 best friends, who recently discover that 1 of them has cancer. In solidarity, they all shave their head and agree to a vacation of a lifetime, where each night they will accomplish 1 "bucket list for life" quest. Their wildest dreams, personified in a daily challenge that they each have to complete, and together we watch them laugh, love, hurt, yearn, lose, and love through it all.

Simply, this project was beautifully sculpted. These woman have best friends for years, with their whole heart and souls embedded and the script and acting tells of it beautifully, in their loose jokes and crude comfortability.

There way of storytelling was phenomenal. How they introduced visual complexity to simple "once sided" action moments that our society currently lives by, like being on the phone, or rehearsing a conversation with someone in your head- was so careful and articulate. Plus, the script offers these multi-layered realities that allows for all audiences to keep a little slice of their fairytale cake no matter who or what they rooted for throughout the season. The symbolism and storytelling is visually, audibly and symbolically, such a masterpiece in its complicated replica of the simplicities of life, how lost those often can become, how blurred we can get those lines when we're having a vacation of the mind, and how we get back to them when the moment's right.

We journey with these women on this beautiful adventure of curiosity, strength, choice, and deliverence, and through their journey, we (feel and) heal too. <3

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