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Solar Wave I · 30 Day Artistic Challenge

Solar Wave I · 30 Day Artistic Challenge


A 4 week journey towards creative spark and artistic inspiration. Think The Artist's Way, re-indulged. Do for 1 month, do any month, do every month.  Do. <3 

Store down, if interested in the Creative Challenge, pls select "Solar Wave: Creative Challenge PDF" in the dropdown of the Let's Talk form on the "Commission Us" page. 10% discount will be applied for the order location mix up!
  • Creative Renaissance: A Monthly Creative Challenge

    Week 1: Welcome to You. “SelfBeing”. Drawing Out your Soul.

    • Noise Control workshop
    • Creative Interlude: Misc workshop
    • Powerful Pieces I workshop

    Week 2: Recognition of Embodiment

    • Actively Selfbeing workshop
    • Check ya Self: Static(y) Vibes workshop
    • Powerful Pieces II workshop

    Week 3: Creative Renaissance

    • Abstract Creativity through Mindless Action workshop
    • "Scenes" workshop
    • Powerful Pieces III workshop

    Week 4: The Englightenment

    • Channeling the Weight workshop
    • Cheers segmant
    • Powerful Pieces IV workshop
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