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A Brain Noise "Currents" Journal

A Brain Noise "Currents" Journal


This journal is for the poets. For the self-help learners and lovers. For BIPOCQ folks to the font (page! Finally) A space to share their emotion freely. For anyone who hates the English language and wants to give new meaning to old words- because fuck the system. For anyone who wants to feel a stronger support system. For anyone who loves introspection. For those who keep journals, especially. For those who love the poetry of life, who enjoy self-soothing, seek therapy. For those who’re feeling its time for fresh, new insight. If you landed on this page, this journal is meant for you.

A wreck-this-journal that can be completed in 1 sitting, over the course of your favorite year of your 30s, or found years later and re-applied, Currents, is all about you, through the Brain Noise lens of Internal and External Brain Noise. Through a series of introspective activities and interactive mini challenges, this journal will guide a journey of understanding our cognitive dissonance and turning it into fuel for getting ourselves out of our life's static. + a diary for all of your life’s current.

Thank you.

Pls click Amazon link listed for physical Currents Journal orders. <3
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