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"You Are Here- in New(er) Balance" - Original Poem inspired by Jhene Aiko's "Trip" (021918)

“More alive in the scenes of our dreams. 

Then there’s you, you’re so new.”

Nice shoes. 

Balance act of sacred body parts. 

Why is it that we cover our feet with socks and shoes, to separate our beings from the ground,

When we came from a seed, 

Fed through a root,

That leads straight to our mother’s dirt womb, 

And become just that, 

A dirt womb for dead roots, 

After our death has caused us to rot in our last moods. 

I hope I was happy.

I hope I am happy. 

When the world comes to engulf me

Into my newer journey. 

I hope this new journey brings

New valance

To my old balance. 

I hope, in my last moods 

I pray, I am made for the things that I pray for. (x2)

You are here. 


I hope I have made it to the wishes I ask for.

 the things I hope I’ve become the being I have moved  forward. 

I hope I’ve created footsteps so steep they are breathing life into other’s the way seeds do to the sea. 

I want to mean the most before the growth stops. 

I want to fall in love with my own heart.

"Some of us do find the one to fall in love & off of the-

fucking face of the earth with. 

Some of us do deserve it. 

A love that’s true and perfect. 

Some of us been thru it all before,

Some of us do come back for more.

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