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"The Answers been calling..." Poem (020917)

See the answer’s been calling,

See the answer's been calling you….

Who is God?

Who is my God?

I see God in the feelings I get when I talk to my friends.

In which my body fills with a flush of greatness.

A frequency of satisfaction that is only quantifiable by the abstractness of poetry itself,

I feel love and satisfaction radiate through my being in a way that I can only describe as

the sun

A warmth so gentle and harsh at the same time

I knew it could only be meant for my goosebumps to feel, to acknowledge.

It was mine.

My warmth, my sun, my grand infinite gratitude for being alive,

My purpose.



I feel grand, and whole, and great, and full,

In those moments of serene connection,

The ones in which your soul says

“There’s nothing here to do, but the company make it so

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

It’s funny,

A year ago today I would not even acknowledge the fact that God was a part of my life,

And today I’m sitting here,

After a feeling of connection,

In which poetry amounted out of my happiness, in the presence of what my God means.

What my purpose is.

A poem,

A slightly quantifiable abstractness

About the unquantifiably abstractness that is God, in each of our glory.


“... I hope you feel connected.”

- Connected by Russ

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