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"Scared of Beautiful" Black Oppression POV Poem (052015)

"Mirror Mirror on the wall. Why are you so unfair to all of the beautiful ones? "

I live in a city that can make anyone feel as though they are on top of the world.

 Even though in reality, it’s just full of every bit that the world has to offer. 

There’s a little bit of everything. 

A city full of future geniuses hidden behind the grades of a lazy kid, 

 A traveler at heart strangled by a 9 to 5. 

And a kid of color who can’t change the world he lives in because he scared to step into it. 

His best foot forward trembles as he walks to school 

because the media has leaked that the world is not a safe place for a dark skinned man without a badge or a title. 

 He will forever be titled


Because the footsteps of his ancestors were just as dark as the demons that have followed. 

Stereotypes of self destruction 

He is scared of his own shadow because they shed the same completion in the sun. 

Yet he never wished that he could shed the skin he was in, 

He just knew that he needed to grow a backbone just as long and as strong as the history of his oppression. 

He knew he would need the strength of a slave, who would work bare foot 9 to 9 carrying the slack that his master could never pick up. 

And the pride of an African King who lives lavish in the wealth of his luck and power of his command. 

This boy, channeled the ancestors of all the darker skinned handsomes, rich, poor, strong, composured. 

 He was built like a slaved soldier 

but thought like a prince. 

Who knew that the end of oppression was him. 

He was scared of himself because he believe he could be the change 

Of the world’s prejudice 

All he had to do Was step outside 

And show the world that he existed, 

And he was nowhere near inferior

In fact, He held the world on his shoulder, 

And used his other hand to plant seeds of mental intelligence and acclimation 

A slaves job that flourished open minds and knocked a few races a few thousand feet underneath their pedestal, 

Yet he chose not to raise the ground that the blacks trail on

Because he learned a lot from his yearning to reach the top 

And he feels everyone should know what it’s like to crawl through life in order to hold a title at the top.

It’s such a beautiful city we live in. 


This is the place where the “dangerous kid” turns “educated black man" 

Who understands. 

They’re scare of all he can grow to be. 

And who moves his feet, 

Even though still trembling, 

A thousand steps forward, 

To become that. 

 Mirror mirror in the wall, why are u so unfair to all of the beautiful ones?

Frank Ocean's Scared of Beautiful

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