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"Does It Make Sense?" (030418)

Updated: May 7, 2020

Its been such a long while since I wrote a poem. 

Where is the feeling? 

Where are the feelings?

Lately I feel like I've been lacking in heartbeat.

The one's that create rhythms of high skips and titanic ships

where only the fickle-hearted sink, 

but the convictions keep me on my right feet. 

I'm convinced I was made for the deep. 

I've been lost within all the feelings that come within a juxtaposition of things. 

I am removing it's presence by trying to present something else. 

Something other than it is. 

Why is it so hard to tell which this is?

Who is this? 


Thanks for the Lyft. 

cause I'm Uber serious about this shit.  

But seriously, on this

I feel like my poetry has lacked In depth 

once I became aware of the rhythmic sense 

does it make sense?

To give less than my all, to something that isn't itself? 

But isn't it all on the same shelf? 

Words and rhythms

and people judging victims, 

and people wanting dreams but never knowing how to evict them. 

I will extract and leave out. 

Never backtracking because I can not live without. 

It's been such a long while since I wrote a poem. 

My feelings have been hanging on to other ships. 

But I will never let it sink. 

I can not live without. 

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