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"Letra Para Mami 💕" Poem (5267-1132)

I had a slight conversation with my mom today In which she said nothing- Just hugged me and cried. So I cried- to be her equal- And told her with all the sincerity in my heart- "Gracias por todos de la oportunidades que tengo. Porque sé que eso es descenso que tú dejaste mucho" "Thank you for all of the opportunities, because I know what that means you had to leave." What I truly meant to say is that I love her- For leaving her country For losing her friendships For longing for language- While being stuck in a world that doesn't understand her When all she really wants is someone to talk to. To share her stories with. To give her love too. But we speak to fast and too American for her to comprehend. Does she ever know what I'm saying? Will she ever know what I mean? Because I want to tell her how much she means to me. And how much I understand her. Her person- without having to say a word. Unable to work since 2001, she is bored. With a life that seems to be paused when everyone else's is moving- Too fast for her to understand. I bet she feels like she's by herself often. All alone in her thoughts. My dad is a quiet man. Doesn't say much, sticks to routine. Wake up, work, come home, shower, eat, watch TV in the living room alone- at 11pm, bedtime. Every day without fail. He barely talks in between. He doesn't do that good of a job at listening either I'd bet- it gets lonely. I wouldn't blame you. I understand. Te entiendo, sin tu saberlos tú misma. And I love you I love you I love you Forgive me if it feels otherwise- It just seems like my visions are emergencies these days. Trying to get to my butterscotch queen, Dreams. But understand that you are always in my thoughts. In persistence of greatness- I can never forget you. & I will always come back to you. 💕 Under careful consideration, Tu hija, Cindy Candelario-Reyes P.S. I'm scared to know what happened after I leave... I think I'd rather not know... 🙁

P.S. Since, I've transcribed it into spanish and shared it with her. She keeps it in her memory box.

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