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"Lemonade Love" Poem (73017)

"I can be your supermodel if you believe. If you see it in me. Wish I could stay all by myself Wish I was comfortable just by myself." Sometimes life gives you lemons And all you can think about is lemonade. Because once embedded, It is truth. Sometimes, life gives you love. And what do you do then? When it doesn't come with such easy instruction. When it's magnitude goes beyond comprehension And it's power acts beyond understanding, But creates change within yourself in ways that sometimes create tidal waves so strong they leave you winded. Out of sadness of difference, or heartache from missing, Out of misunderstanding the victim Out of dumb shit or when you messed up, all these things create moments of yearning. Moments of tribal understanding that emotion is the ruler of all creation. The ruler of all the reason and treason used to run the world. So when life gives you lemons, Make lemonade. When life gives you love, Make tidal waves. "You know I need too much attention for shit like that."

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