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"Jukai" · An original poem inspired by Jhene Aiko's 'Trip'


Suicide squad. 

Me myself and us. 

Always 3 sides to every story. 

Will you hear me? 

Will you ever know I was taken? 

By the waves- by the making

Of beautiful existence in other places. 

Other mind spaces- 

Where the human mundane does not equate to the spaces in outer-phases. 

In chemicals that create beautiful realities out of memory and assumption dreams

Of what we’re really doing out here. 

Learned to be faithful thru Jukai. 

The dead are more graceful than U and I

Learned to be tasteful towards societal eyes- but...

I’m looking for frequency from dimension-8 minds. 

The kind of minds that can break through the confounds of the humanized, tailored-failures for human lives

And realize that perception can mean so much more than just 2 eyes. 

2 Fish = 3rd eye

= All 4 lives of the moon’s tides.

Making and fading.

Present- in moments of righteous connection 

And less than- in moments where presence is waving, instead,

In me.

And my being. 

How can I not fulfill all I can see 

Even the horizon has never ending dreams.

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