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"I Speak to God in Public" (The D.C. People's Action Protest 2017 Poem)

I speak to God in public. 

I speak to God in public. 

I speak truth to the powers given to me by opportunity. 

Although sometimes I feel like a phony, 

Because I may not be the most informed on the issues that directly affect me, 

& I know that I should.

I know that I should. 

But boy does it pain me to realize the weight my culture was enslaved with. 

Weight so heavy it takes a village to keep just 1 alive, two if we're lucky.

Where's the justice in backwards loops of history? 

Seems like freedom is a cheap sale label that really means "broken and never fixed in the first place" 

Freedom was never fixed in the 1st place.

Freedom was never fixed- to fit us-

in the 1st place. 

So you're stuck between unjust society and an unjust death that goes under-attended by all but those who feel that 1 is a representation of all. 

I do not wish to die soon.

Society does not seems to find my fit in the way that wealth works

And trust, my world is rich in things-

that the vast majority can never get their hands on.

A universe that harvests greed and selfishness when the crops became too scarce for the wealth to be shared.

Sometimes I think of all the things that I can find wrong with the way that life circulates the vibrations that spread growth and a surplus of things

I believe it must be a test.

I believe it must be a test.

And I believe I'm strong enough to create growth within the vibrations of my love. 

Enough to grow for everyone.

Turns out- 

It only takes two to grow a village.

I speak to God in public. 

I speak to God in public.

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