Lately in life, I've been extremely inspired by the world, and my positions and movement within it. This website is a monologue to myself, through video and text blogs, which will consist of all the things in the world that excite me and boggle my being, in a way that is constantly disrupting mainstream nonsense.  I'm ready to be plugged into all of the brain static that my mind has to offer. Are you ready to join me?


June 20, 2018

People love attention but your dreams do too. 

Which one do you choooosseeee? 

When there’s a lot here to looosseee.

My heart is a wonderer. 

By nature.

My natural self falls in love with the nurture of one’s self it takes to be self sufficient within nature.

I fall in love...

February 19, 2018

I speak to God in public. 

I speak to God in public. 

I speak truth to the powers given to me by opportunity. 

Although sometimes I feel like a phony, 

Because I may not be the most informed on the issues that directly affect me, 

& I know that I should.

I know that I should...

February 19, 2018

“More alive in the scenes of our dreams. 

Then there’s you, you’re so new.”

Nice shoes. 

Balance act of sacred body parts. 

Why is it that we cover our feet with socks and shoes, to separate our beings from the ground,

When we came from a seed, 

Fed through a root,

That leads...

December 4, 2017

For my super awesome religion class, Fall 2017,  titled "Magic, Science and Religion", I had to write 5 papers, with one creative project possible as a substitution. I d...

April 17, 2015


You remember that time…

The lights were dim,

the music setting moods of love,


eyes searching eyes for lust.

Mind not completely in the game, body's pump faking,

but got enough thrust to create friction in walls that I never let down before.

Moments building, close...

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